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Raising my eyes to the stars I wondered what kind of man I had become since those days on the boats. I had left without regret. I didn't want to become like my father. Struggling day to day and living months at sea. I had done that as a teen. I wasn't about to do that the rest of my life. So what did I do? I enlisted in the Army. At least there my feet would be on dry land.Stuffing my hands into my pockets I turned and watched the nearest boat begin to pull up it's nets. Yep, big difference that change made for me. In the Army you still struggled. Except there it was to stay alive. And as for the dry land part, well who knew I'd be walking in rice paddies along the Thai and Cambodian border at the end of the war. So much for being a kid and thinking you knew it all.My instincts had kept me alive then, but why were they tugging at me now? What had drawn me away from a cold beer and a chance to do the Rumba with a beautiful college brunette who kept winking at me across the dance. " Oh. Frosted Flakes. I used to like that when I was a little girl." What kind did you have?" Oh, I don't eat too much cereal. Remember the peaches you had at my house?" Uh huh." Well, I cut up the rest of them and shared them with Jack. And we each had a banana."She looked at my father. "Daddy John, can I have peaches for breakfast?" Sure, Sweetie. Talk to Mama Wanda about that. She's in charge of the food in our house."A woman came into the room carrying a box. She was dressed in a suit — a skirt with a matching jacket. She looked to be somewhere in her forties. Her hair was pinned up and I could see the beginnings of some gray in with the dark brown. Though she would pass every test for being dressed professionally, she still managed to communicate her femininity.Her face lit up when Daddy stood. She held out her hand and Daddy reached for the box under her arm and put it on the chair. He stood back up and pulled her into his arms. The way she wrapped her arms around him, it was as.
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