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I have seen you with your kids and even spent time with all of you. My cock gets so hard when I see you, and I want you in my bed. I have been working on a plan to get you there at least once, and hopefully more. Today I put my plan in action. I slip to your car just minutes before you get off work. I lift your wiper up and slip an envelope under it. In the envelope is a note and key. The note says: I have known you for months. I need to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock. I hope you will agree to meet me at the address on the card. If you will be there tonight at 9 and be prepared to stay until at least 2, it will make me very happy. You will wear a sun dress and nothing else. You will be given further instructions then. I am watching as you come out to your car and see the note. You open it, and I see a curious look on your face as you look around. I can see from the look on your face, that you must be wondering how I got in through the gate. You get in your car, and. It also meant when I was lucky enough to find a girl to worship in person (sheer fluke) I paid whatever She asked for my Worship Sessions and Her photos, even though I was piling up mountains of debt. It’s not financially easy being a wanker. As a compulsive masturbator I was always at risk, seeing a lovely girl, specially if She’s showing, and having to drop whatever I was doing to ogle – that caused the loss of a few jobs when work was forgotten for the rest of the day. The trouble is, you can’t always ogle freely. If there’s no way to watch from a hidden spot, then even though your rainmac covers up your bulge and eventual wet patch, you’d be too obvious standing there watching. Maybe it’s a girl standing next to a statue or near a museum or whatever, and She’s having Her photo taken - sure She’s wearing street clothes but She’s got such a lovely figure or Her skirt is short that as a compulsive masturbator I can’t stop my hand from slipping through the holes in my mac and.
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