Vrinda Desai Hotshots (06.11.20) mp4

Those clamps were mounted on springs, so the nipples would be pressed outside. Or, more to the point, the base plate would be pressed against the breasts no matter how the wearer tried to move it. To increase the fun, the clamps would also electrify the nipple piercing.The plate also contained the batteries, so no cables would have to be attached to the unit. That way it wouldn't be possible to cut them in order to disable the unit. To make sure the whole thing couldn't be removed, a cover plate would be mounted over the piece and locked with a key. The only way to remove the whole thing without the key was to cut the wearers nipples off.Cunt Jen wasn't sure how long the small batteries would hold, but the manual promised about twelve hours. That was much more than it needed. As it put them on, it noticed that the pressing on the nipples by the springs was somewhat more painful than it expected. Nevertheless, it was too late to do anything about it, and it would probably ease off. Not fastening them was a good thing. When she had looked in the mirror he had moved behind her with the stealthy grace and speed that always took her breath away. His hands had encircled her waist and he had lowered his head to kiss and gently nibble the side of her neck. She had leaned back against him, enjoying the feel of his lips and the touch of his strong hands on her sides. He had whispered how much he enjoyed the picture she made in that shirt, but that he was going to have to take it off her. She started to protest, then subsided as his fingers stole around her waist and began to undo the buttons she had fastened. She turned her head and tried to kiss him. Soft laughter had answered her as he switched to the other side of her neck and then began to lick up to her ear. The shirt was fully open by then and he released her just long enough to slide it down her arms and toss it onto a nearby chair. Fair was fair. The moment the shirt came off she had spun around and her hands.
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