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” She grinned at him and he grinned back. He gave her the form to fill out and she took a seat to fill out the form.I stayed in back. A friend said, “Todd, is she with you?”“Yes, she’s an engineer and has been studying diligently for her test.”“She doesn’t look like the ‘Gail’ you described to the Treasure Coasters”“Jack, I didn’t know you listened to the Treasure Coasters.”“Frequently. She has a lovely voice. Her description was more accurate.”“I agree. She lost her job as I did when our company closed their location here. She was going to need a place to stay and moved into one of my spare bedrooms. She does clean up well.”‘You mean she lives with you and you hadn’t noticed how good she looks?”“Not really. We haven’t dressed to impress lately and she never did at work other than neatly. I do appreciate her sharp mind and wit. We’d become friends at work and get along better now. The more I get to know her, the better I like her. She’s a great cook.”“Todd, she can cook for me any. Her heartbeat accelerated. She leaned forward, planted a kiss on her lips, and found Kamarrah’s hand with hers.Fingers intertwined. Amelia squeezed, and nails dug into the back of her hand. Sheets bunched up and shifted as they writhed around in bliss. One more deep kiss, and Amelia slithered back down. Kamarrah’s other tit required attention—attention which Amelia refused to neglect.Before Amelia reached the peak with her kisses, Kamarrah tightened up. “Don’t stop. I’m going to cum.”Even if she wanted to, Amelia couldn’t refuse. Her arm worked, frantic, splattering arousal on her hand, forearm, leg, and all over Kamarrah’s spread body. She suckled on her breast and listened to the cute little, desperate, breathless noises the queen made. Her eyes flicked up, but Kamarrah’s shut tight.The contractions of Kamarrah’s muscles as she neared climax strengthened, slowing Amelia’s assault down. However, she pressed on. She would make Kamarrah cum with her own toy, which had coaxed so many.
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