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Nat was built like a man who grew up in the jungle. Sitting at the table, so close with so bright light above them, Tim could only imagine what he looked like with his shirt off – the amount of power the man would have over his wife. Rosa liked being picked up and while Tim could do it somewhat, never had they been able to keep it going long enough for her to feel anything. If he didn’t grow tired from holding her up in the air, Rosa grew frustrated from the limited range of motion – Tim slipping out constantly.Rosa couldn’t hold back her excitement anymore. “You want to know what he was asking me in there?” she asked. “Before we got up from the table, when you were paying the bill and we were talking real quiet?”“What?” Tim asked, smiling. “I was wondering, but I wasn’t going to say anything.”“He asked me how many times do I usually like to squirt,” Rosa explained, blushing.Tim’s eyes bulged. He looked over at Rosa just as they’d been getting off at the Mandingo Forest exit. He. Under the illumination from the emergency lights I saw several cubic feet of banded packs of bills as well as several trays of rolled coin."Bring the bills larger than five dollars to the counting table please." They silently began stacking packs of money. I checked for dye packs by fanning the ends of the packs of bills."Very good, very good. I haven't found any dye packs." I provided a ball of twine and a couple rolls of Saran wrap."Please tie the bills into bundles the size of a lunch box or so and wrap the bundles in two wraps of Saran wrap." As they tied and wrapped I filled the cart. When the cart was full I looked at the stacks remaining. Ah, a bit of a hold-out on their part--they had started with the small bills, leaving the largest on the table. "Nice try. Please wrap the hundreds, the fifties and the rest of the twenties. Quickly now."I evaluated the cart for the lowest denomination bills and set them aside. I exchanged the lower value packets with the higher ones, then.
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