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She had said this when I first arrived, but now ittook on a completely different meaning.We shared another little array of kisses, our hands feeling each other.The robes we wore came off easily and were tossed to the side. Nuzzlingher neck with my own kisses, I traced her frame, over her breasts, downher stomach and to her own private garden. As I kissed her privategarden, I also inhaled a little. From her breathing, I could tell that itwas causing her to get warm.As gently as I could, I ran my finger over her warmness and slowly pushedmy way in, all the while still kissing her special place. My fingersseemed to be pulled in the more I went along, and my own private part wasgoing mad."Daniel, stop being poetic and fuck me," Julie said.A smile graced my lips and her eyes met mine. Standing on my knees, Ipositioned myself in front of her and felt our bodies connect. Ever sincecoming to this world, I had imagined scenarios like this one. Only Ididn't expect to have parts of me grow when. Since she had been walking with her gaze absentmindedly fixed on the ground in front of her, Victoria hadn't realized she was approaching Ben Wright and his dog Prince, who were standing together on the top of a small hill. The young blonde would have been amazed if she could have known the thoughts that were steaming and bubbling in her older male friend's mind. Ben had spotted the aimlessly strolling Victoria several minutes ago, and as she approached, the big hulking wreck of a man had kept up a running conversation with the politely listening dog, speaking in an overdone lecture-hall voice."Christ, Prince, God must be punishing me for some terrible sin I can't even remember. Something dark and horrible my mind has blotted from memory. Something worse than murder, or incest, or not paying my taxes. Why else would he have put me here in this beautiful place, surrounded by lovely little pussies that I'm forbidden to touch, tortured by constant unobtainable temptation?"Prince looked.
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