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The incessant fingers moving as if they were your own, sensing your body, responding to its subtle cues, shifting and adjusting like a captain who knows his boat so intimately he has become one with it. It takes you a millisecond to comprehend you are cumming. You can feel his warm breath on your face, his fingers maintaining a steady rhythm, allowing you to ride your orgasm as your arms shoot up to grab hold of his shoulders to stop you from collapsing to the floor. It is so intense you wonder if your body has been altered somehow by the journey there. As the tremors subside, he slowly pulls out his fingers. They leave a hungry, gaping void behind them, yearning to be filled. Slowly sucking and licking his drenched hand, forcing you to focus on his lips and tongue in the process, he then leans down and touches his mouth to yours. Your arms tighten their grip on his hard shoulders as he pulls you into him while almost gingerly sampling your lips with his tongue. Yours is very eager. In front of a crowd of Londoners, they kissed and the crowd roared in approval. ‘You’re crazy, Aaron.’ ‘Yes, I am, for you.’ They walked arm in arm on the streets of London, alone in a crowd of people. They went to see the Old Antique Shop that Dickens lived in and where he wrote his novels. The place was damaged some from the bombs but stood fairly much the way as it did when Dickens lived there. ‘I understand you like Scott,’ Vicki said. ‘ What’s wrong with Dickens?’ ‘Nothing,’ Aaron replied. ‘Just not my cup of tea. I mean Ivanhoe is just more exciting.’ ‘Knights in shining armor and all that, right.’ ‘Yes,’ Aaron said. ‘Damsels in distress, too.’ ‘So are you saying you like rescuing damsel, like me?’ Vicki laughed. ‘Yes, I do,’ and he kissed her. Vicki took him to a nice restaurant to eat, a place where he ordered real fish and chips. A place where the two could eat in relative quiet and enjoy themselves. The place she chose was a small pub that her father took her to when she.
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