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Melissa had told the woman to leave the magazines with her for destruction and to go back to her son and reprimand him on watching such filth. She also told the woman to make her son go to church to confess his sins and listen to the preacher's advice on the matter.She had plans to burn these magazines, but now her curiosity got the best of her and she opened one of the magazines. She felt a sudden flutter in her stomach as she opened the first and gazed upon an almost naked woman, dressed only in stockings and a bra that did nothing to cover up her breasts, her nipples protruding slightly above the fabric. One of her hands was resting on the inside of her thigh, only inches from her sex which was, to Melissa's astonishment, shaven bare except for a small strip on the lower part of her stomach. Melissa opened her robe in front to look at the forest of hairs between her own thighs and back at the woman in the photograph. That really looked sexy, she thought. Taking all five magazines. The person you select to be your trainer, consciously or unconsciously, will shape how most of your relationships will play out for the rest of your life. This is the real serious business."She opened the paper and glanced at it. It seems she had to bring notes to remember all she wanted to say."Your story was lovely, captivating and well-written. It also had plot holes I could drive my car through. Foremost, young men traveling to see their family do not carry massage oil and lube on a whim. Second, gorgeous musicians do not need to look very hard to find a girlfriend. Third, and most worrying, men who truly care about you do not go bareback, without protection; ever. That was SO FUCKING DUMB."Every cell in my body demanded I defend him, but I knew she was serious; she would leave and never speak to me again. She does not bluff."When I read your story, I wasn't crying because I was moved, I was crying because I already know how it will end. I said I was sorry, not because I missed.
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