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.to fuck me, aren’t you?” I actually thought that she was going to burst into tears.“Of course I am..I said I was going to.”“I know, but you seem so occupied with this, I thought that maybe it was just going to be hands-only sex.”“God, no! My dick will burst if I don’t fuck you.”“Haha, probably not” she laughed “But that would be such a waste if it did.”“Yeah, it would.” I laughed with her.I kissed her once more and withdrew my wet fingers. I was about to wipe them on her belly when she got hold of my hand and sucked on my finger tips. “Whose dirty now?” I said. She giggled and went flushed. “Ok., get over that table and stick those delicious butt cheeks in the air.”“Oooohh! Yes, master!”, she joked, with a fake salute.That pert, young arse certainly was a sight to see, especially with those pervert-teasing panties pulled down her thighs. Firm, creamy buttocks, so smooth and they should be at her age..and I toyed with the idea of pulling out before I came and spurting the. His fantasies with Janie turned to Kay increasingly often as her planned visit drew nearer. Would she be up for flirting? How far would she go? How audacious would he and Janie dare be?David drove to the train station to meet Kay. He knew as soon as she stepped off the train that his cock would be getting a lot of action one way or another - she looked hotter than ever. God, you could tell she was a runner. Surfer. Sunbather. She was a deep golden colour, a shade you just can't go in Britain if you start off a typical pasty pink. And she clearly knew she was gorgeous: the way she dressed, to highlight her perfect full breasts and to drag attention to her curvaceous backside, the care with which she had chosen her hairstyle to frame her face and make the most of her bone structure and sparkling sparking eyes, the yummy smells drifting off her obviously well-oiled skin... It would be hard to concentrate on driving. He considered making his apologies and nipping into the station loos.
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