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As he gave more thrusts, Seth stopped wincing and whimpering and began to moan. “Can I go faster, now?” Ace asked pleadingly.“Mm… yeah…”Ace picked up a steady motion, pulling in and out of Seth’s ass, fucking it gently but quickly.Seth’s moans eventually mixed with Ace’s as his tight, virgin hole formed a tight grip on Ace’s cock from its first fuck. Ace had picked up a steady speed, now going faster and thrusting harder, getting as much pleasure as he could from Seth’s tight ass. “MMM! This feels great!”“Let’s switch positions; my leg’s falling asleep.”Ace pulled out of Seth’s ass and Seth climbed fully on the bed. He patted the spot beside him to signal for Ace to sit. When he did, Seth kissed him hard and pushed him down on the bed in a horizontal position. Now, Ace’s cock sticking straight up, Seth stood above Ace’s waist, his hand around the pulsing cock, guiding it into his hole. Feeling the head on it, Seth sat down until all seven inches were inside of him.Ace began. She was only 18 yrs old, but she was one hell of a fuck. She came onto me with a "Show me yours, and I'll show you mine" challenge, which I naturally accepted.The elation of my fuck with this young lady was tempered when I remembered that we had been watched by her mum (my boss's wife). Me fucking her might have been more acceptable if we were closer in age, but I'm 54 yrs old and she's only 18 yrs old. The thought of the possible ramifications, like losing my job, soon put a dampener on my substantial 10 inch erection as it softened a little.There was a knock on my door. I scrambled off the bed and pulled on a pair of shorts. It was still hot, and anything more than shorts would have been stifling. Another knock as I reached the door. I opened it to find my boss's wife there. Her name was Tania, and we'd been introduced before at an office function.Tania would be late 30s and was about 5ft 5ins tall, short curly blonde hair that framed a very beautiful face. She had a lightly tanned.
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