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I let out a guttural moan as I felt a tremendous climax rip through my entire body, shooting an electrifying charge from my sensitive clit to my rock hard nipples and back again.After enjoying my intense orgasm for a while, I slowly opened my eyes, smiling at the image in my head that had pushed me over the edge and launched my orgasm. As my eyelids slowly opened, I was surprised…and then shocked…to see Scott standing in the frame of the opened bathroom door, leaning against the doorjamb with a wicked grin on his face and a towel loosely draped around his hips.“What the fuck, Scott?” I yelled. “Get out.”“Seriously, sis? After you snuck into the bathroom and watched me jerk off in the shower, then had to come in here to rub one out….you’re going to yell at me about ‘getting out’?” He laughed and added, “I don’t think so.”He walked over to where I sat on the bed, dropping his towel along the way, leaving his big dick swinging between his legs, banging against his thighs as he. Crying out, she instinctively grabbed for his hand, trying to force him to release the horrible pressure on her sensitive bud, which was making intense sensations of pain and pleasure shoot through her body. "I told you not to move your hands!" he snapped. "Put them back—now." Sobbing, Marie obeyed, and felt him release her clit at last.But then he started rubbing it, simultaneously sliding his finger in and out, and she arched her back. It seemed now that the clips on her nipples were not distracting her, but only allowing her arousal to climb higher, the pain somehow blending with the crazy pleasure of his hands on her. "Oh, please!" she wailed.Her hands gripped the edge of the table then clawed at its surface as she tried desperately to obey his command to keep them still. But it was so fucking hard when he was standing right there between her legs with his huge erection plainly visible as he stroked her to madness—and her entire being was overwhelmed with the desire to seize him.
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