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” Paige said, lying through her gritted teeth as she came closer and closer to another orgasm. “Yes you do. Don’t lie to yourself, you enjoy this, becoming my slut you’re enjoying it aren’t you?” Hunter said emphasizing each word with a powerful thrust. She gasped and let out a small scream at the end of it and her hips bucked as the orgasm cascaded over her again, Hunter used this seized on this and pulled out of her ass and stuck his cock in her pussy and expelled his cum into her pussy as Paige recovered. She realized what he did and started to cry at the humiliation and ultimate violation. Hunter kept his cock inside a few moments, to ensure his cum stayed in her and then pulled out causing his and her fluids to leak onto the bed. He retrieved his phone and brought it in close to get his handiwork. He turned the camera off and got close to her, brushing the hair off her face. “Now, if you were to go to the cops and point them in my direction, I will find out, and post those photos. “I’ve become quite fond of Ron,” She told me, a bit formally. “He’s a very caring person, and we get along well. I’ve been seeing more of him just recently, as you can imagine with being left on my own more. I wanted you to meet him.“Now I don’t want you to say anything, just yet. I want you to think about what you want. What you really want. We’re the same age but in some ways you’re younger than me now. I can understand that but I want to be with someone, not on my own. I don’t need sex, or even a lot of intimacy, but I do want to be the focus of someone’s attention. I want to share my life with someone, and share theirs.“So my question is, whether we should separate, for a while at least? Maybe you’ll get through this phase, or maybe it’ll always be this way, but I’d rather face it head on than wait. You know what I’m like.” She smiled at me. A slightly sad smile, but determined.Tessa carried on: “I’ve slept with Ron, if that helps you decide.”“Slept with him?” I was shocked. I’d.
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