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The colonel lifted her eyebrows as she digested his words. She nodded her head. "You said the right words and spoke them without mumbling. Of course, you're totally full of shit, but I'll let that pass for the moment."They all laughed.Gavril raised his hand and said, "True, I'm not especially looking forward to the next hours amongst the betters on this planet." Oo," said the colonel as she walked over and ran an index finger down Gavril's chest. "So you do have some guts outside the jungle. Are you certain you want to spend the evening with me?" Yeah," Gavril said as the sweat broke out on his neck, "but not if you're going to keep doing that all night." Fair enough, Gavril," she said. Her saying his name for the second time sent an involuntary shiver down his spine. "Do you need a drink to steady your nerves?" I'll wait for the wangoo with panishtato, if you don't mind," Gavril said. "Kamaria doesn't bring the serious stuff home, which is about the only fault I can find with her.". "But what would looks have to do with anything anyway. Can't I talk to a gentleman if I want to?" Well, yes of course. But—well—there's all of these good lookin' Southern boys in here eyeing you; and well, me?" I said."Ely, there are indeed some nice looking Southern boys, as you call them, hanging out here tonight. I'm sure they'd be fine to dance with once or twice, but after that—and I do know several of them—they pretty much run out of anything meaningful to do or say if you get my drift," she said."So you don't wanna dance," I asked."No, it's not that, rather it's that I want more than just that," she said."Well, that still doesn't explain why me," I said."Because you have a mind," she said. "I've overheard you talking to the bartender several times tonight, and also about a week ago. You actually have something to say. You're not boring."So how about it?" she said."How about what?" I said."You gonna ask me to dance?" Huh?" I said. "Me—you?" Yes?" No," I said."How come? I'm not.
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