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Garreth was a boy of seven, when Arabella was introduced to him. She remembered standing beside her father, holding onto his kilt for security, while Garreth stood beside his father, picking at his tunic, which was getting too small for him. She found herself smiling at his discomfort, and wanting to make friends. A couple of smiles and a day of play, had them both looking forward to each time they would visit each others clan. In time, Grayson and Peadair joined in their fun and the four were as close as family. Many times she and Grayson spent a week at Dunvegan, while on others, Garreth and Peadair would come and stay with them. Grayson eventually became Garreth’s best friend over time, but Arabella held a place in her heart and shared a life-long friendship with him. He became her heart’s desire at one point, her thirteenth birthday being the occasion, when Garreth placed a kiss on her cheek and wished her well on her day. Ever since then, he was her inspiration, when her. Her knees and legs, pressed wide, continued to frame her naked sex, and she could feel the edge of the table as she was turned, her buttocks now just barely on the table. Her hands were picked up and placed back onto a pair of hard cocks, and as her whole attention was being consumed by the three cocks, she felt a tentative pressure against her wide open sex as if they were afraid to slide in. Moaning around the prick in her mouth, she tried to move, pressing with her hands against the two other boys. Not to get away. No. She tried to push her body away from the cocks in her hands and mouth, and onto the one that was knocking at her door, so to speak. She was about to try and pull her mouth off of the cock pressing against the back of her throat, ready to tell them to just go ahead and fuck her, when she felt the unknown prick slide a few inches inside of her. The cock paused for a moment, and then began to slowly slide in and out, picking up speed, and depth, until she felt herself.
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