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When we landed the place was full of men and women, this time in JBG uniforms as it should be. Uniforms were part of discipline, moral, order and ended the preverbal question of who are you? Do you belong here?This was what Fort Dean had been built for - to be used aggressively, not like the day we made the un-announced stop.The road into Fort Dean had been paved as I had told Andy to have done. It was twenty feet wide with a double yellow stripe down the middle.The archway was exactly what I had in mind, Fort Dean in big letters at the top of the arch that spanned the new roadway. The JBG security logo was on the left side, on the right was Cameron Parish, Louisiana - Southern and Central American command and training center.Past the arch the road split with an armed guard shack in the middle and the one arm barrier controlled by the guards. Past the barrier were a double row of vicious tire spikes that were close enough that even a motorcycle could not pass; they dropped out of. It started out simple enough, I met a girl!Although, since then she has told me to refer to her as a ‘gurl’ because she is trans. Maybe that would be obvious to you, but it wasn’t to me. I thought it was strange when she spelled it out, because it sounded the same to me. But once I understood what she meant, it made perfect sense.I've also learned a few things like never, ever use the term ‘shemale’ or I might find myself missing an appendage that I really liked. She preferred ‘trans’ or ‘transsexual woman’ or simply refer to her as a woman and she was happy. In fact, she said one of the reasons she was attracted to me was I treated her like a lady and, aside from peeking down her top when given the opportunity, I was a gentleman.We met at lunch in a small pub. It was crowded and she asked if she could share the table I was at with a work buddy. We, of course, said yes. I mean what guy isn’t going to want to share a table with an attractive girl! She was certainly attractive, a.
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