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She was kind of disappointed when Roscoe stayed on his side of the bed and also again on Sunday. Going to church caused some guilt to surface and she had to struggle with that. It was not enough, though, to make her want any changes in the sleeping situation.Monday night was a bit different. When Roscoe joined them under the covers, he rolled over against her already erect and she thought his pecker might be outside his boxers. His hand reached around for her breast and tweaked her nipple, making it erect also. She now knew he was aware of what was going on. “What the hell, I might as well enjoy it too,” she thought as her hand went down to discover that fleshy pole.This time she stroked it like Bobby had taught her. “Ooops! I’ve caused a mess!” she thought when it spurted on her nightie. Roscoe eased out of bed and went into the bathroom and she slipped out to find another nightie to put on. Roscoe turned the other way the rest of the night but it took her a while to get to sleep. It. He knew he was marking her and the way she was gasping and grinding against his thigh assured him that she was fine with it too. He pushed both nipples together and started running his tongue between them and sucked them deep into his mouth, always a guaranteed trigger for Vanessa. Her nipples were like two more clits and gnawing both of them at the same time always had her screaming and cumming in minutes. This time was no different and she rewarded Mark with another very vocal orgasm. Vanessa threw her head back and screamed as her pussy convulsed in another orgasm. ‘Fuck fuck fuck…eat my nipples, fucker…c’mon you bastard…I’m cumming…FUCK ME DAMMIT!’ Mark grabbed her ass and pushed her hips down until she was straddling his hard cock and started slowly stroking. They both savored the sensations as the engorged head rubbed between her lips, circling her clit. Vanessa started angling her hips to try to get him inside and was surprised when he brought a big palm down on her ass..
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