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I hated myself for enjoying the sensation of it! The sheer waistband was snug around my tummy and I tucked my deflated little penis between my legs to be held there by the gossamer nylon gusset of the pantyhose. Next I slid a pair white full brief satin panties up my legs and pulled them snug around my bum and groin. The rasp of the silky panty material against my sheer hose was so sensual that I felt my little cock pulse.I slid the matching white satin bra around my chest and went to the drawer where I knew my breastforms where kept and placed them neatly into the bra cups. 'My breastforms' ... what the fuck had happened to me!I concentrated on getting dressed and tried not to think about the exquisite feel of the nylon and satin on my skin. A pair of plain white high-heeled pumps was at the foot of the bed and I slid my feet into them and stood up. A single pristine white cotton tunic was laid out on the bed so I stepped into it and pulled it up my body. As I started to do up the. (Friends I love to sniff bra and panty)One night I was watching FIFA world cup at night. It finished at 1:30. I just went out at the back of my house. In Sheela’s bungalow, clothes were laid to get dry. I just climbed the wall and went in their house corridor. I was frightened but then regain the strength and started looking for Sheela’s bra and panty. After a while, I found both of them. Then I rushed to my house and took a close look at them. They were just beautiful. The size of her panty was so huge that I was astonished and the smell was really sweet. I masturbated on her clothes and then kept them at their place again. It was the routine for another 5 days.But one night when I went there it was all quite as usual. As I picked up bra and panty, there was light in her house. I was frightened. Sheela came out of her home and saw that her bra and panty were not there. I was hiding just across the washing machine. She saw that the back door of my house was open. I thought that she.
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