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She was in a long-term relationship, her partner occasionally picked her up at the end of the day and that would renew speculation about who did what to whom and how often, but that was all. In any case, we didn’t want someone that close to home, someone we might subsequently bump into in the supermarket. We needed to protect ourselves, too. Trawling the internet was the obvious route but it didn’t get us anywhere. One night, after another frustrating fishing expedition, we confronted the problem. No sensible woman (and that was a pre-requisite for us) was going to agree to meet on her own a couple of complete strangers and hope that she would hit it off with one and be fucked afterwards by the other. So what next? We agreed to put the bi-curious thing on the back burner and hope something might happen that we could’t quite foresee. We still enjoyed the role the newsreader played in our fantasy but that was no reason to abandon our ambition to spice things up a little in any way we. He tries to fight them off but the over-power him, landing several punches of their own in the process. With that the tunnels that are your vision becomes two tiny pinpricks of light, then they wink out. * * * As you slowly come awake, you feel your head pounding. ‘I must have drunk more than I thought.’ You think to yourself. Slowly you become aware of a rhythmic beeping somewhere nearby. The sound sends sharp pangs of pain through your skull. You hope whatever is making the noise will shut up. But no matter how many times you wish for silence, the beeping continues. You force you gummy eyelids open but quickly close them as the light seems to lance through your brain. After a short rest you try again, taking it slow this time. As your eyes adjust to the light, the pain becomes bearable. You see a strange ceiling above you. ‘I’m not in my house, did I go home with someone last night?’ You try to turn your head and regret it with all your heart as your stomach rolls. As you lie.
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