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She turned on the tap and lowered her face in the washbasin touching the flowing stream of water with her nose.Me: I think the sari part which is tucked inside your stomach area is coming loose. If you don’t mind, then can I fix it?Tannu: Since my hands are wet, I can’t tuck it inside. Just push this end in. I’ll adjust it later.Tannu held the folded end of the sari with her left hand and shoved it deep inside.“No, no that’s completely wrong. You have reached the wrong place. Take your hand out right now!”, she exclaimed.Me: I don’t understand… you told me to tuck it in, then what’s the problem?Tannu: Your hand is touching my panty. That’s the problem. If someone saw us like this then it’s all over.Me: The door is locked, don’t worry. Besides, you didn’t mind showing me your deep cleavage out there in the open.Tannu: Mister, I’m a newly married woman and sometimes I like to tease men with my body. My lousy husband doesn’t admire my figure, so I…Me: So, you seduce other men and make. Elaina’s own pussy flooded anew at the aroma as she buried her face into Liaren’s sex, running her tongue through the warm, wet lips.“Fuck!” Liaren cried as her hips bucked forward and her hands tangled in Elaina’s hair. “Nobody does that better than you, Elaina. Nobody!”Grinning as she worked, both at the compliment and at the sheer thrill of pleasuring Liaren’s body, Elaina began exploring the crack of the Elf’s tight ass, her finger sliding down between the smooth cheeks and finding her rear hole. Being an Elf, Liaren’s ass was lubricated, much like a pussy, and so Elaina’s finger slid inside the tight tunnel effortlessly.“Really?” Said Induin as she sat up, her covers dropping to reveal an identical body to her sister’s. Slim and lithe, with perky tits capped by hard pink nipples. “Nobody?”Elaina pulled her mouth from Liaren’s pussy to eye Induin in a playfully critical manner. “You think you can do better, little sister? I’m not sure you can!”With a growl, Induin leaped forward.
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