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I was mesmerized.My hands went down to feel the top of the precious fluff. The petticoatscaused the skirt to rest almost perpendicular to my waist. My feelingstook over the moment. I could not resist reaching down and feeling thefull skirt, picking it up and letting it fall back down to the awaitingsea of froth ? then fluffing that very sea of froth back up just to hearthat wonderful sound of taffeta, satin and silk moving and singing in asweet sissy chorus together.I have no idea how long I marveled at the feelings. All of the womenremained silent, letting me revel in my discovery ? my frilly sissyepiphany.For years I had been wearing, however surreptitiously, silken underthings, and for the last thirty-six hours I had been literally immersedin them, but never had I felt quite the same thing!I turned to the mirror and the details of the dress came into full view.It had huge puffy sleeves that I later learned were Millie's trademark"Stay Puff" design. The bodice came around from the. The hotel bar was perfect, as it was packed at happy hour. Did it seem like a strange request then when I instructed you to wear a mid-length skirt with no panties? Perhaps. But I was sure you’d be eager to display how obedient you could be. I let you linger alone in the bar for ten minutes, watched you playing with the straw in your drink, eyes continuously scanning the room. Long enough to let your apprehension build, but not so long that you’d think I wasn’t coming. I enjoyed watching as you frequently pulled at and straightened your skirt. So you had left the panties behind. I finally texted you and told you to meet me by the pool. The evening was a little cool, the pool closed at dark, and as you walked out the door and looked eagerly around it was deserted, though still fairly well lit and open on one side to the parking lot. It was not quite secluded. I could see your confusion when I was still not to be found. Another text. Go to the closed Tiki Bar to your right, and stand.
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