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“It’s normal enough when dealing with mental trauma but can lead to long term issues.”“Can you help, Mage Benjamin?” she asked.“Already sorted. You’ll have a few nightmares as your subconscious sorts itself out, but you’ll be fine in a few days,” he replied. “No issues for you, John. I suspect Heinrich’s dungeon gave you new values in the way of horror and dealing with it.”“Certainly did, Benjamin. It was pretty bad on Guam, but I’ve witnessed worse,” I answered after a moment’s thought.“Worse, John?” Thea asked.“Heinrich’s memory crystals,” I replied.“Ah...” was all she had to say.“You’ll have to remain on Loegria for a few days whilst I monitor you, Thea, but I suspect you’ll enjoy your time here as you get to know the Council’s biggest secret,” Benjamin chuckled.“Callum about?” I asked.“Training with Alcina at the moment,” Benjamin replied as we stood and began to wander back out to the lounge.“Anything in particular?”“Hiding in plain sight,” Benjamin replied with a grin.“Yes,. . 2...3... ," panted Thia. "Onemore time sweetie, PUSH! !! " aaaaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH," it felt like it was tearing me apart. Howcould having a baby hurt so much? "THERE'S THE CROWN." The doctor shouted in her excitement, "I can seethe head now. Just one more push and it will be all over." ONCE more Willow, please for me," pleaded Thia. I held her hand and tightened my grip as I tried to bear down onemore time. Then with a gush of fluid I couldn't see, I felt thepressure ease off tremendously. I heard the doctor and the nurseooohhhing over the baby as they cleaned it up, then the nurse broughtour daughter over to me and placed her in my arms. Meanwhile the doctor explained to Thia that it had been a textbook delivery and that the baby would need some food soon. The doctor's that examined us told me that I was already about 8 days pregnant. That was right about the same time that Thia andI first made love when she changed her sex to a man. All myprecautions were just a few days.
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