Max kept her smile pasted on her face, but she knew that she had to do something to stop him from thinking too much. She needed to do something before he guessed what she was up to. Swallowing hard, she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up as she walked towards him, hips swaying seductively. Throwing her shirt to the floor, she continued to move closer to him, her tongue darting out to lick her lips, her eyes locked onto his. Slowly, she ran her hand from the side of her neck down her front.She resisted the urge to exhale in relief when Alec gaped, his eyes dilated with desire.When she was just inches from him, she stopped and her hand went down to her waistband, undoing her trousers. As she pushed it down, she said throatily, “Cat got your tongue, Alec?”“Huh? No…No…” he said absently, watching the progress of her trousers sliding down her legs. And then, obviously regaining his composure, he smirked and said, “Just admiring the view.”Clad only in her Manticore issue bra and. I was stunned feeling his hands on me took me into a new world a man feeling my breast as we both were kissing each other Rahul started sucking Rekha’s breast and fondling mine.Rahul made her sit on the bed as we both were still kissing each other, he separated us and we both were panting with lust. I grasped as Rahul picked me in my arms and pushed me on the bed with little effort. He pushed Rekha on top of me between my legs. My cunt was wet seeing the same Rekha buried her head in my cunt. She was licking it, while pushing two of her fingers in my cunt. I moaned like hell as I came to a swift and shattering orgasm.Rekha was very wild this time as she was sucking me and pushing her tongue as deep as she could. I held her head tightly, and at that time as I looked at Rahul he removed track suit and looking at me was massaging his thick proud prick, (fucking we three sisters and also our only bhabhi Renuka. He might be thinking that I was the only cunt left to fuck in the family).
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