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I wasn’t in any relationships before. Then this girl came into my life. She was junior to me. Her name is Asmita. Asmita is a good looking sweet girl with a little brownish complexion and a sharp body structure.A 5-foot 3inch girl, being a dancer she had a quite well-toned, attractive body. I don’t remember much but she had breasts big enough to fill my hands. She had a flat stomach. Asmita lived here in Pune with her family. We both were members of the extra curriculum group of the college. So we knew each other just as a team member. One day, she came to the college dressed up in salwar-kurta(Black and Red combination) and she looked very elegant in it. It was the festive day of Makar Sankrant. I couldn’t move my eyes away from her and I think she had noticed me.We members were having discussions and fun amongst each other. The local guys had brought homemade meals. Even Asmita had brought delicious lunch and all of us had amazing mealtime. I complimented her about her meal as well. Di didn’t allowed me to put my hands inside her top from back so I have to massage her above top, then I moved down. I took her toes and fingers and started massaging. Slowly I moved up till below thighs. She didn’t stop me. I decided I won’t stop and would lift her skirts. So I moved up to her thighs and started massaging her slow in seductive way. Lata di held my hand when I did, but I forced and said di just feel and relax. She allowed me somehow. I lifted her skirts and could see her panty. Oohh my god she was wearing v shaped lace one – pink panty. I massaged her thighs and then made her turn back to massage her butts. She was almost seduced. So to try more again, I made her lie on back and this time started massaging hips and navel. I was massaging below her boobs and on shoulders above boobs. She didn’t allowed on her boobs saying in taunting way – that her bf can do that. I said why I’m your bro and I have first right on ur body. She laughed and I couldn’t do but that night.
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