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‘Huh.’ ‘Hi, I just called in to see if there was anything you wanted?’ Although waking from a heavy alcohol-induced sleep, Nash caught her meaning. He was attempting to phrase a romantic response when they heard Hope calling: ‘Lisa darling, hurry along. You need to get a good sleep as you are taking me shopping in the city later today, remember?’ ‘Bugger,’ Lisa muttered. ‘Saved by the bell,’ Nash sighed. ‘Some other time then?’ Lisa smiled ‘Come on, give me a big wet kiss.’ Thereafter, Hope always seems to be everywhere, and if leaving the property she’d asks Lisa to drive her. The last chance of sexual union — if that is what the young couple really intended — came on Thursday night. Hope was to take Lisa to the airport next morning. They dined at a restaurant in Henderson, a great, happy and light-hearted occasion. Lisa drove the Rover home because she’d consumed the less alcohol and Hope kindly told Nash to take the front passenger seat. He and Lisa held hands on straight. He smiles and we make some small talk. He then says there is a lot of paperwork I need to sign and he goes into detail about the operation. I won’t bore you with the technique but I am convinced I have chosen the right doctor for this. He says he will do the operation early tomorrow morning and that I will stay here tonight to get prepped. After I will also recover here in the clinic until I am ready to go home. I sign away on what seems like a mountain of papers. A nurse then leads me to my room and instructs me to get undressed and into a gown. So blood is drawn and tests are done. So it is time to sleep and she gives me something to relax. I dream about being a woman. I have a husband and we have 2 kids, my kids. I know that won’t be possible but I can dream can’t I. It was early in the morning when the nurse woke me. She said it was time to prep me for my surgery. IV’s were started and different tubes inserted. I was wheeled into the operating room and the anesthesiologist.
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