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It was a posh do, lounge suits for the men and the usual “little” black dress for the ladies.We were sat with the juniors at a side table and the high performers at the “top” table.After the presentations which was so boring, we ate, it was a nice meal and drank wine and the men with their usual beers, we talked and laughed and danced, many times I was whisked away to dance as hubby talked shop!. Some of the men were nice and polite and some were the randy sods who pushed up against you as you danced and tried for a crafty arse feel as we danced.When the slow dances happened I could feel their hard cocks being pushed into my leg and arms, a couple of times they somehow got their hard cocks rubbing against my pussy mound, well me being still newly married I maybe egged some of them on a bit, one older man around 50 about my father’s age I say, I was a sweet 22 year old felt him it sort of shocked me as I estimated him to be about 10 inch judging from where to where I felt him pressing,. "I bowed my head. "I must." Speak, then."I carefully marshaled my arguments "The world has changed. We don't know what brought it all about, but we have been carried along with everything else to a place that terrifies us. Nobody can sleep at night without dying. The things we have long depended on have become undependable. We are at the mercy of whatever is out there, and it HAS no mercy. I come seeking understanding. I come seeking wisdom."The silence was a living thing. Then the voice spoke once again. "Man, you know not what you ask for."I took a deep breath and slowly let it out. It was crunch time. "Do or die." What you ask for requires repayment. What do you offer?"I had to think a moment. Then I hit on it. "What is the most valuable to you? Silver, gold or blood?"Again, silence ruled the night. "Though blood has its appeal, and gold holds value among us for trade, silver is most avidly sought."I slowly reached into my haversack and brought out the four Morgans that I'd packed.
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