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She came from a fairly straight-laced background and for the first two years of our marriage wouldn't even make love with the lights on. Things came to a head with the ninth issue. I was sitting on the living room couch reading it when Cookie came in and said, "What is it Dave? Do you see me doing those things? Do you have some sick fantasy about seeing me or having me do the things described in that magazine? Is that it Dave? You want to watch me with another man? What is it Dave, you want to see me with a black man, maybe do a gangbang? Or is it another woman you want to see me with? You are one sick puppy Dave" and she stormed out of the room leaving me sitting there wondering just what the hell happened. But her tirade told me something - she was reading the magazines, how else would she know the content?I finally got tired of the bitching and when the next issue arrived I threw it in the trash unopened and I saw Cookie see me do it. The expression on her face was curious - it. I not want back. Cost almost nothing, and I not keep pictures not belong me.’ Amanda:’You never keep copies for yourself?’ Fred: ‘If take pictures for magazines, once sell pictures to them, I erase.’ Amanda: ‘Oh, ok.’ Fred: ‘I still have copy of these until I know everything good. Once know, I erase.’ Amanda thought about how much she had enjoyed having nude pictures of her out of her reach in the past with Amy, and couldn’t help but want it to happen again, this time with Fred. Amanda: ‘Actually, I have a bad habit of losing things that I store on my computer, is there any chance you could hang on to a copy of them, just in case?’ Fred: ‘No problem. I just hope husband not see them. Make him very confused.’ They both laughed at his comment. Amanda: ‘True enough. Thanks again Fred.’ She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and started to walk home, part of her was happy that she now had the option. As soon as she got inside, she went straight to her laptop to check out the pictures.
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