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A red horizontal beam of light travel up and down the palm of her hand and within seconds, she could hear mechanisms inside the door moving. It unlocked and jut open several inches. As soon as she stepped inside, she could hear the car's tires on the gravel as it drove back up the long driveway.Well, there's no backing out now.The furnishings were as beautiful as Alex said they would be. The floor was an exotic light colored wood with a dark fascinating grain unlike any she'd never seen before. Original paintings decorated the 9 foot high walls of the home. The kitchen walls were scattered with decorative Greek tile and she was certain that all the fixtures were made of solid gold. The island in the center of the kitchen as well as the counter tops were solid granite. The living room was furnished with a large leather couch and a huge flat screen TV--the biggest TV she'd ever seen. In the cabinet under the TV was a DVD collection that would put blockbuster to shame. Attached to the. When he looked back and caught me looking at him, I acted like I was looking at something behind him. Then face flushed with shame, stared at my feet. A couple of times I glanced back up and thought he was looking at me, but each time he’d look down.I didn’t know which movie he bought a ticket to but assumed I wouldn’t see him again once we were inside. At the concession stand I caught him staring at me again. But this time he didn’t drop his eyes. After I bought a coke and popcorn, I realized that he was stand near the hallway that led to the theaters. When he saw me looking he turned and headed for his movie. When I got to the hallway, I saw that instead of going into his theater he was standing outside the door as if waiting. My movie was at the other end of the hallway, but for some reason I turned towards the strange man’s theater. I stood out side his theater what seemed like forever but was probably only a couple of minutes. The lights were already dim when I got inside but.
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