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She couldn't even think about it."We've been in big trouble, daddy" said Chelsea. "And you don't reallybelieve that Rachel could attack someone right?"Lawrence insisted to be told everything word for word, although the twogirls decided to leave out the latest developments in theirrelationship. Adele was worried and hugged Chelsea tightly, stroking herhair."You can swear that it was just self-defense, then," said Lawrencefinally, getting a nod from Rachel and Chelsea."I believe you, but the matter is complex. The sheriff is coming here tolisten to your version of what happened. You know he's a sensible man.We'll find a way out of this situation."As if the last sentence had magically summoned him, the sheriff rang atthe doorbell.Alan Peters was a man between fifty and sixty years old, bald as an egg.His remarkable size and his ruddy face were testament to his love forsteaks and beer."Good day, Lawrence, Adele, Steve, Chelsea." His eyes rested on Rachel,surprised. "You must be the young. Looking all over the sanctuary Alan started to get a little worried when he didn’t see either Merlin or Hopix. Walking back in Alan decided to eat before he did another thing. The main problem there was he couldn’t eat what the people here did. He’d already had severe cramps from just a taste of the local food on another planet, shaking his head he wasn’t really ready for that again.Alan waved his hand and a few dishes he’d had at the diner appeared before him. The food piping hot, his mouth started to water, hell yeah! He thought, ‘that’s more like it!’ An hour later, still no Hopix or Merlin; Alan really started to get worried, reaching out he soon felt both them not far from the sanctuary.Flashing out Alan appeared next to Merlin, and then his mouth dropped open. What in the hell was going on? Hopix was held suspended in the air in a spread eagle position, a look of fear on her face ‘til she saw Alan.“Merlin! What in the hell is going on? I sleep for a few hours and this happens?.
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