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The safe is a old model that is quite large and bulky. It stands about four feet high and is probably three feet wide and three feet deep. Sure, there was some cash in it, but mostly credit card slips, ledger sheets and the like. I had known the combination for several years and I thought for just a moment about pretending to screw it up a time or two to see if the guy would get rattled and run. Didn't happen. "Don't even THINK about getting cute", the masked intruder said. 'Cute' suddenly became the furthest thing from my mind as I spun the dial and worked the lever to open the safe. The next few seconds seemed to pass in slow motion. As the safe door slowly creaked open, the crook told me to back away and as I did he pushed Jennifer toward me. I reached out for her but she stumbled and fell (she still can't recall if she did it on purpose or accidentally) and when she did the punk took his eyes off me and the gun off of Jennifer. Had someone told me earlier in the day that I would. " She pressed herself against his naked chest. He didn't move. Janelle reached back and unbuttoned her bra letting it slip down her arms and onto the floor. She moved her hips enticingly. "Please," she said as her hand slid toward her now soaking wet pussy."Mmmm, yes," Matt responded, smiling now and stroking himself on the outside of his pants. "Lay down for me but don't touch yourself," he said. As Janelle laid down on the bed on her back, Matt looked for the belt on the floor, but noticed her scarf on the bed, even better, he though.He climbed on top of her, still hardly letting any part of him touch her. He kissed her and her hands wandered all over his broad shoulders and hard chest. She tried to pull him closer but he resisted. He pulled away and took her right hand, stretching it over her head and holding it down with his left hand. He had the scarf in his right hand and he pulled her left arm up to meet to meet the other. He used the scarf to tie her hands together over her.
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