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..” came out of her mouth in bits and pieces. “Excuse me miss?” the waiter responded not knowing where to look. I turned the vibe down so she could at least get the words out. ”could I pay with sex please?” she asked with a quiet voice. “Don’t be silly dear” I intervened and gave the waiter my card. Yoni’s face was completely red and I was grinning from ear to ear. During the walk to the train station I humiliated my slave even more by hiking op her skirt until her panties showed. When we got to the train station we had to wait twenty minutes so I sent her to the bathroom to remove her bra and stuff her panties in her pussy. When she was walking back I could clearly see her hard nipples lined in the fabric of her dress. She took a seat left of me and I pinched her right nipple. We sat there for another ten minutes, me playing with the remote, Yoni becoming visually aroused and her face turning red as a tomato. We were lucky and had a compartment to ourselves. I told her to sit. “I…. My… I know my mother’s name. It’s Chelsea. Chelsea Reese” I tell them.Shiho quickly gets on her laptop and punches the name in. “Now that we have her name we can bring up her obituary. It should have a list of all her surviving family members. I’m sure they will want to get involved.”I start smiling. family I thought. I might actually have a family that might care about me, possibly love me.“Here it is. Chelsea Maria Reese: born January 18 1981, Died June 25 1994. Ms. Reese passed away giving birth to her son Benjamin Zachary Reese. She is survived by her parents. Donna and Zachary Reese, one brother Matthew Reese, and one sister Mrs. Max (Julia) Ellsworth.” Shiho reads to us.“You mean that God damn fat fucking asshole of a police chief is Brad’s uncle?” Tara says with a shock look on her face.“More importantly it fucking explains why nobody came looking for Brad. His real name is Benjamin.” Kimiko says.“Oh I have an answer to that one my darling daughter” Shiho tells her “It.
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