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The day had started off smoothly enough. Igwanda had slept poorly, his mind preoccupied with concern about his wife and child in their rude accommodations, but he had slept. He knew from long experience how to divorce his thoughts from emotional stresses, and though the latter were especially acute he also knew he needed rest to function at peak capacity the next day—and peak capacity was what he would need.Although Igwanda had made it a point to arrive in the lander port a full hour before the appointed time, he was gratified to find that Miller had made no attempt to pre-empt him by an early departure. The military task force, all in full battle armor and weaponry, had arrived together about ten minutes ahead of the scheduled time, and had boarded efficiently—and in total silence.It was the silence that troubled the colonel. That alone said loudly that Miller had briefed his troops in advance—a briefing to which Igwanda had not been privy—and that whatever action they would take, to. He's actually bringing over what he called a Fake Book with many old standards in it. He wants you to choose some songs you like."I heard the doorbell ring. Nadia, who'd been sitting with us having a second cup of coffee, sprang up and headed for the front door. I listened with half an ear, and heard the voices of Nadia and a deliveryman talking as Nadia signed for a package. Curious I got up and sauntered into the living room. As far as I knew none of us were expecting anything.Nadia was just returning to the patio as I walked into the foyer. I asked, "What was that?" Oh, it's a surprise for us, but no one can see it until tonight." She gave me a sideways glance that made me instantly know the parcel had something to do with our sex and lovemaking in some way. She added, "I'd appreciate it if you could carry it into my room; I'm guessing it'll need some assembly. I'll work on it later while you're working with the others."I glanced into the foyer, and there sat a large cardboard box.
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