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“CLICK” Stepping into the lacy panties. “CLICK” Finally, I was ready, or at least I had followed her instructions. Katie gave me instructions like I was at a Tranny photo shoot. “Turn sideways, just a little more” “CLICK” “On the bed, on your knees” “CLICK” “Kneel on the bed, lean back, I need to see more cock” “CLICK” This went on for hours, seemingly, probably only about 45 minutes in reality. Somewhere along the way I had gotten rock hard and those lacy panties weren’t doing much to hold me back. I had forgotten about what are you doing with these pictures (?), lost the butterflies, and was really getting into posing for Katie. Katie finally stopped taking pictures. “I need a break and you do too. We got a long night ahead, drink some water and get those panties off!” I drank some water, removed my panties, and turned around. Katie had her camera back in her hand. “Bend over the bed, cock pulled through your legs. I want to see your cock, balls, and ass at the same time”. She. Especially after the fright of finding a dead body in their tent, it had taken Yren hours to make up with Teran. Once Gillen had left, helping both Syl and Honor Oloid away from their tent, Teran had suddenly remembered how angry she was at Yren and once again stalked away from him and into the tent. Tears once again crawled down her face as she angrily began cleaning the tent, throwing Oloid’s clothes out into the night and hanging Yren’s other spare gambeson neatly on a line in the back of their tent since it was still slightly damp from the wash. She refused to listen to him, ignoring him while he was trying to explain himself and comfort her at the same time. His words had finally just devolved into a litany of different words with a single meaning – ‘I’m sorry.’It wasn’t enough.She pushed him away the first few times he tried to gather her into his arms again but eventually, hours later, she finally – reluctantly – allowed him to hold her. Still, she cried and Yren had no clue.
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