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Her toes were steeped like teabags in sweat. I could feel the steamy acrid stench casually wafting upward across my now sensitive wet upper lip from her toe sweat a minute ago. No, I thought to myself. Nicole, please don't. Fear welled in me as I read her intentions from the grin on face that told volumes. The smooth toenail from her big toe brushed my upper lip as it passed under. No. I felt the front of her toenail contact my incisors. As she adjusted downward, her nail clicked as it left my teeth to go deeper. Please. Rape. I felt the girth of her toe as she slowly invaded the inner sanctum of my mouth with the southern-most tip of her body. My resistance spent, I allowed the volume of her seemingly massive toe to gently press my teeth apart. I opened and gave her full access. Her toe floated without further contact until I felt my left cheek bottom against the cleft between her big toe and second toe. Then I closed my eyes as the entire length of her massive toe. I stared at my facewith my jaw wide open. She then declared, "I can draw you far sexierbrows. Don't worry about it."She told me she would do my makeup later in the week but today Kimmikaywas going to give me two inch nail extensions. It took 3 hours includingthe polish. She used a burgundy red. She then told me to spread myfingers apart and to point them at the ceiling for 30 minutes. Palmsfacing me. My nails were drying.Kimmikay then took out 5 shoeboxes. They all contained 4" high heels ofsimilar sizes. By process of elimination she identified my exact size.The shoes were white. Her next job was to teach me how to sit and walk.She instructed me to sit up straight and to hold my shoulders back as ifI wanted my shoulder blades to touch.After my nails dried she had me stand up. I was to keep my shoulders backbut now press my forearms against my ribs but to hold them parallel tothe floor and to point my nails down thus putting my wrists at a sharpright angle. I was to keep my fingers.
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