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I ask them where the party is they tell us it is near here in a club they have hired. It is for swinger’s party. You look at me and I tell you that will you enjoy it. Haven’t you ever been to a swinger’s party before ask Mark and Jane?. “No we have never done any swinging” I reply. “We are surprised, the sex show you gave at the car park was very good” they reply. It is a private party by invite only mark tells us and is for couples only. When we arrive at the party there is lots of couples chatting and drinking. I notice a small stage in the centre of the room and wonder what it is for. After about half an hour a woman asks us to be quiet for moment. “I think it is time to start the night going” she says “who is going start the ball rolling” she asks? I ask mark what she means. He tells me that normally somebody goes up on the stage and gives a show to everyone then everybody starts swapping. The woman looks directly at you and says as you are the newcomer maybe you would like to. We need to talk to Lynn. With all of the craziness, they might not even know about Taylor Erin or the pregnancies or anything. And that could get awkward.”“I’ll talk to Lynn, Sweetie. They are my kids, it’s my job.”I walked into our home office where Lynn worked on Foundation business. She was on the phone and talking like the boss, so I quietly closed and locked the door behind me... “Yes, I know it’s a holiday. I’m sorry, but this just came up and we’re in need of travel arrangements for nine departing St. Louis Lambert Field on Dec 23 in the evening, with a pick up at Kansas City International and then travel to Boise. The return trip will be the reverse on Dec 30.”“Yes. I would prefer that. Four Adults and five minor children. Yes. Thank you. Send all of that to our email address. Thank you so much. Is the crew going to remain? We will take care of them. Thank you. Good bye.”“Was that the charter company?”“Paul! You startled me. Yes, Lover. That was. We may have to plan for three.
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