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The next thing I knew I was screaming out in horrible pain. Reaching to my back again Sheila touched a spot near the first one as the pain began to ebb though wasn’t completely gone.As I gasp trying to slow my breathing I asked Sheila. “Have they detected the tracer destruction?”“I don’t have enough data to give an answer Doctor Gance. Knowing the procedures of the military it is more than possible. I have covered the entry wound; we need to evacuate this space.” Sheila told me as she seemed to be scanning the area.“I am in complete agreement. Though I am afraid I am not going to be much help for a day or so.” I told Sheila feeling the pain throbbing just above the tolerable level. If I were to stay alive I needed to get well as fast as possible.“I am sorry if I cause you pain Doctor. I must depart with as much speed as possible.” Sheila told me with what appeared to be a worried look on her face.I was still trying to figure out just how she had evolved this far. Could it be that the. We lose a lot of our young folk when they go to college; they may still retain their Pikani heritage, but they live, work and sometimes marry, with Europeans."Eddy found room for me in the Braves' accommodation. They seemed resigned, rather than ecstatic, to be hosting a white man. "They don't often come close to Europeans. Me, I'm an outgoing sort of person; some say I'm not a real Pikani." He laughed when he said it, but judging by his physique it would be a brave Brave who questioned Eddy Two Bears' parentage.Eddy explained the role of the Dream Catcher. "He's a mixture of Medicine Man, Shaman and psychologist, all rolled into one. He interprets people's dreams. The Pikani were doing that long before Freud, Jung or Adler came up with their theories."He grinned at me. "I've got a degree in sociology and psychology from the University of Calgary. I'm not just a pretty face."About 4 pm Eddy's father came into the building, and it was clear from the way he was treated that he was a.
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