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I could see how her breast was trying to come out of her blouse but could not. I slowly went near to her and said don’t cry you look good only when you are smiling and I will do whatever to bring smile on your face. I also told her that I would go to Pune this Saturday with you. She was like no she will mange it. I said in a stern voice “Bol Diya na aapko I will come” and we both started laughing. Then I went home and told my wife that I have got some work in Pune and I am leaving this Saturday, I also told that Amit and Renu might also come as they had some work. Renu told Amit that he is going with me to Pune in the night for which Amit agreed as he did not want to go. On Friday night I called up Renu and asked her is she all set to go on a long drive with me and she said sure. I asked what time should I pickup and she said around 6.00 AM. Next day I went in my car to pick her up. When she got down from her flat I could not believe it. She was wearing a transparent peach colour. They had a small dock and canoe. Their neighbors were at least 200 feet from them on both sides. The lake itself was smallish, but not crowded. There were no public accesses to it and no motorboats allowed.We sat and chatted for a long time. After lighting the grill, we put dinner on and had a few more drinks. The meal was great, spiced by lively conversation. We were all feeling a little giddy. Marc and Cynthia got a little frisky with each other. I caught them making out in the kitchen (it was their house, what was I going to say?). Things calmed down after awhile. As we were leaving, our hosts invited us back next Friday night and to stay the weekend for they had some friends coming into town who they thought we would like. We agreed and drove home. Kay and I thought about stopping on a side road, but we were both too tired.The week moved by quickly. Finally Friday arrived and we went off to the house on the lake. Upon arrival, we were introduced to Marc and Cynthia's friends, Kim.
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