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Sometimes I sit by his side and masturbate while you and he are cybering. I adore the relationship you have with him, Wendy. ] [ WTF? How the fuck do you know my name? And wd4u called me Wendy a week ago. WTF!! ] [ Wendy, please grab onto your seat, sweetheart. Your father sent us some pictures recently, and we saw that your avatar was cropped from one of the pictures. I’m your aunt Gwen and wd4u is your uncle Nelson. ] [ SHIT!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! NO!! ] [ Wendy, it’s okay. Really it is. ] [ FUCK YOU perverts cyber me and know im your fucking niece oh god now parents will find out oh shit oh shit NO NO NO NO!!! ] [ WENDY!! We did not know you were our niece until about a week ago. We each have cybered you only twice since then. And it didn’t change anything for us. We both lust for our sweet innocent Pookie and we’re glad to give you all the pleasure we can. We still do, sweetheart. And we most certainly will NOT tell your parents a goddam thing! ] [ You won’t? Promise? But you’re. He grabbed my hair scrunching it into a ponytail and forced my head farther onto his dick, pushing it into my throat and making me gag, then pulled me back, taking his erection in and out; so my teeth lightly grazed on his shaft. I took the base in my hand, stroking it softly as I teased the head with my tongue. Aidens lips pursed, slightly smirking to one side as I looked up at him. He picked me up, pulling me back directly into the jetting water which trickled down my goosebumped flesh. He squirted a blob of shower gel in the palm of his hand then bobbed down to kiss me, his fingers massaging the gel into my body, lathering it round my breasts and tweaking my hard nipples. His hands rubbed up and down, exploring every millimetre of my ivory skin, eventually moving lower & lower down my back until they grabbed my bum cheeks, lifting me off my off feet. He elevated me to his level, pulling me close for a passionate embrace, my wet boobs pressing against his chest and my legs wrapping.
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