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.. standing there she tried to cover up her exposed breasts. It did work though when the two men entered she heard Mr.Farnley mutter to his godson."My god look at her. I knew this would be a good weekend. Here love how about you give us two a private show - let us have first taste - you can get to the others all too soon." As he approached Bailey. Confused, unexpected. Bailey thought she'd at least be able to change before the events started. Maybe these tow had waited in the parking lot especially timing their arrival. She knew this would happen sometime today but she just hadn't expected...Mr.Farnley was now right next to her. Unclasping her arms from her chest he stared down at the perfect C cup breasts Bailey had developed over the past few years. "Cor Blimey I've dreamt of these puppies since I saw you last summer you little bitch." Mr.Farnley exclaimed thrusting his hand to firmly grasp them. Bailey felt his warm rough hands caressing her chest. The first man ever to do so, the. She felt his finger circle her clit as she stroked on his long hard cock. She took her fingers and circled the head of his erection, feeling the slickness of his pre-cum on her fingertip. It felt so wonderful on her finger. She used some of it to circle the tip of his erection like he was circling her clit with is finger. “Mmm, that’s going to make me cum little sister if you keep doing that,” he said as she continued to run her finger over his erection even more. “Oh is it? You want me to stop or keep going?” “Just stroke me. Let me feel your hand.” So, she reached covered his cock again with her fingers and hand and started pulling once again. She had to admit; it did feel good to her. All the while, he continued to feel her pussy lips. As he did, she moaned in spurts. He felt her release more sexual fluid that he used to coat his finger and feel her hard clit. Suddenly, he hit a spot and she burst out, “Oh shit, that feels so good!” “Hmm, like that don’t you? Well, I wonder if you.
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