You were my family,” rasped Illia.Kin tensed when she mentioned Rath. “You seem to have a new family here. They all want to take care of you. The Greens even call you Sister.”“Vaskia, Tomon, and their cousins belong to the Brotherhood of the Seal. They regard me as a Sister of the Seal.”“Seal? As in seal of bondage?” asked Kin.“Yes, they are all ex-slaves. The Brotherhood provides help to slaves, and ex-slaves. If you wear the seal or have ever worn the seal they regard you as a brother or sister. The Brotherhood has been of great help to me over the period of my enslavement.”“How did a whole group of cousins end up enslaved?” asked Kin.“They were a smuggling ring. It was a family business. The magistrate gave them each 5 years in the mines. The Brotherhood is strong in the mines. Afterwards there was no place for them in their old village. It is a common pattern. The Brotherhood found them a place in a caravan. Most travelers are part of a caravan because they do not fit in where. She got crazy and ask me to lick her armpits and she was moaning and enjoy lot when I lick and it was so damn good smell with her perfume and sweet and it taste good and then she couldn’t resist and ask me to fuck her and we took condom and she sat on table and ask me fuck in that position and it was little hard at first but after two strokes she hug me and I fucked her so fast and she lick my face and she moan it was lovely to hear and then I asked her to ride me and I sat on the floor and she came on top and begin to fuck me and I was pinching her nipples and tickle her armpits and she love it and I was about to cum and she took out condom and ask me to fuck on her boobs. I kept my penis on her boobs and stroking and cummed in her boobs and neck and then she lick me all over and thank me lot and she asked me for another and I was drain out of energy and I said I can’t and she took red bull from her fridge and make me lie on her lap and feed me red bull by flowing it through her.
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