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A shiverof anticipation, I was eager to feel the bite of the bondage straps, thewarmth of a spanked bum. Why? I was not a lover of bondage as myself, butthis persona was enthralled and strangely the feeling seemed to beaddictive, was this the idea of this therapy? My musings were interuptedby the door opening.MASTER! I thought to myself.I lower my head to the floor and thrilled at the sound of his approachingfootsteps. His booted feet appear in my peripheral vison and Iimmediately set to kissing the right boot. I kissed every inch of theshiny leather relishing the slightly acidic taste of the leather. Mydevotion went to the right boot and I repeated my worship. Master,satisfied with my devotion ordered."Up into the kneeling position."I obey immediately still with my head bowed."Is my pain slut ready to play?" he asks."Yes Master," I reply meekly."I think tonight she is ready to give me her tight puckered hole," hemuses a slight smile on his face.NO! I want to shout, I have a hot, wet. I tried shifting in my seat to avoid him noticing my uncomfortable situation. I looked over and saw him smiling. It was obvious that he was aware of my attempt to hide my growing erection. “You do want me to suck you off, don’t you? He asked. I was taken aback by his brashness and the fact I was virtually unable to speak. Then I felt his hand not on my knee but on my swollen cock. I kept driving, looking straight ahead and afraid to look down. He started to slowly massage my cock through my pants and I felt my cock jerk. My thoughts shifted to disbelief. This cannot be happening. I’m not gay, why am I letting this happen? Why don’t I just stop and order him out? Then I heard him say, “After the next intersection there is an abandon building you can pull around behind and we can be out of sight.” Without hesitation I turned and drove behind the building and stopped. All the while he kept massaging my hard cock and it felt so good I did not want him to stop. He slowly pulled my zipper.
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