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Oh, before we leave that, let’s kill the blackmail. Mum, Dad, I’ve got a dildo and I use it for my personal pleasure.” She turns away from their stunned expressions to look at Barry. “There, you can’t use that to blackmail me again, can you?” Back to her parents, both of whom are so stunned they’re still trying to catch up with things. “Then, when their raid goes to shit they all piss off, including my bastard brother. He knew exactly where I was, as he set me there. Did he come and check I got out OK? No! Did he do anything except save his own precious skin? You can bet your arse he didn’t! So I was captured by those who he went to cause trouble for. I was scared stiff. Do you have any idea of what they intended to do to me as punishment, do you, you bastard?” She turns to look at Barry. He shakes his head no. “They’ve a very simple punishment for anyone attacking them, they fuck their brains out. More so if she’s a pretty girl.” All at the table have pale expressions. “The only. She didn't want Rick to come too soon.Paula's tongue swirled higher and higher. She made sure that she took plenty of time covering every inch of Rick's big cock.Paula had just reached the top of Rick's cock when a soft knock sounded at the door. Rick groaned and pushed Paula's head away."Just stay there and don't make any noise," he whispered. "I'll take care of whoever it is in just a second."Rick pulled some papers over to the middle of his desk. He looked like he was working hard now. "Come in," he called.Paula heard the sound of the door opening. She stifled the urge to giggle. They would both be in big trouble if she got caught under Rick's desk. Neither one of them could explain that."Where's Paula?" a deep voice asked.Paula almost died as she recognized Joe Carter's voice. Joe was Rick's associate. He'd be sure to spread it all over the office if he guessed that she was under the desk."Oh, Paula just went out for coffee," Rick replied casually, shuffling the pile of papers on.
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