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Simmons, the accusations are a lie, but dangerous. You see, I belong to a bondage club, with a very stiff penalty if I divulge the existence of the club. I have a file of the contract here. I need to nip this in the bud right now. If I delay, the Feds will follow the banking records to this club. I will swear to you, under oath, on the polygraph, that everyone there is an adult, over the age of 25 as far as I know, at least over the age of 21.’ Simmons leaned back. ‘Mr. Carter, are you telling me you are really innocent?’ ‘Yes sir I am.’ ‘You are prepared to take a polygraph test to prove that?’ ‘Yes.’ Simmons considered for a moment. If Carter was innocent, his reputation was on the verge of being ruined. The dark specter of child molestation had been raised. If he was guilty, and they followed Carter’s plan, then Simmons would be basically handing him up to the Feds. ‘Mr. Carter, before I take you as a client, I need to tell you something. If you are guilty, in the slightest. The Abbess felt anger rise within her as she brought her hand down on Erica's bottom again and again.Erica began to feel discomfort now and became aware that she had whimpered."Now it seems I am getting through to you,finally," the Abbess said hearing Erica whimper."No you haven't, you must be enjoying yourself !" Erica said defiantly."You wicked,insolent,insubordinate ,girl," the Abbess said,exasperated and bringing her hand down on Erica's bottom as hard as she could. The spanking continued.Tess sat in History class,she wasn't paying much attention to what was being said ,she was worried. She knew that Erica had been summoned to the Abbess' study ,she knew why,but was told by Erica not to get herself in trouble,they had only seen her and not Tess. "Are you paying attention,Tess ?" the Monk at the top of the class said."Yes," Tess said meekly."What did I say last,my girl?"Tess felt everyone in the class look at her."Eyes front or I will spank you all," the Monk said."Well,Tess,what.
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