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. tipped delicately with tiny buttons of nipple flesh. Pink nipple flesh.Angrily, he picked up the empty glass and sucked the last ice cube into his mouth. "That's why I'm all fucked up right now!" he muttered. "I can't get that little demon off my mind." And Hanson was off again, thinking about when Billie'd slipped into the drop- off at the pond. He'd seen the young girl's shape clearly after she'd gotten wet. That cheap, short dress sticking to her limbs like it'd been painted on. He knew from experience that his hands could encircle her gorgeously tiny waist with ease and that her boyish hips flared out only enough to say she was a girl. That much innocent beauty alone was enough, but with Billie-Ann there was yet more. Her thighs and legs had perfect proportions... long, lanky and tan. Every sinew, every bone and muscle seemed sculpted for the perfectionist, and Hanson counted himself one. Sweet calves swelling just a little. Her ankles fine and delicate as her wrists. And to top. "MIKE!" Nakita screamed in the microphone."What!" I shouted.Walter ran back to the machine gun, and I reloaded the gun and swung it back around to the pirates when the tower shuddered as it was hit again. Looking to the bay, and coming around the ruins of the sunken ship of the line was a heavily armed frigate. Her guns were lurching inward as she turned started turning towards us.I was slamming another round into the gun, when the rolling thunder came again. Looking around the gun, I saw the frigate fire her entire broadside. The tower literally moved as the double shot slammed into the tower, and she started to sway. Looking at Walter, I saw him looking down the side of the tower, and I shouted, "How bad?"Walter turned and looked at me as I was grabbing the lanyard, and he shouted, "NO! You fire that and the whole tower will come down."I ran to the wall, looked down and blanched. The entire wall below us was riddled with holes and cracks ran all the way down. The machine gun.
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