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I felt a momentary rush of excitement at the thought of Becky, as I wanted to tell her the result of the events this afternoon with James. It had been a success. I had fooled him into thinking I was, and had always been, a woman - thanks mainly to Charlie - and one who he, I thought, found quite attractive. My worries were over. I could return to writing knowing that no more articles like the one he had written would ever surface. I was Andrea Thomson. Somehow I didn't believe that.The number on the face of the phone was unfamiliar to me, but this too wasn't a surprise - I didn't know their numbers either. On the other hand, it could be James. An image of James, smart in his suit and tie, flashed into my mind. We had had fun this afternoon, laughed at the waiter (played by Charlie in a supporting role, to make sure I was okay) and flirted a little. Actually, we had flirted a lot. It had been fun. I took the plunge and pushed the green button."Hello?" I asked, tentatively. "Andrea!. "No one perverted me," Jason told her firmly. "I didn't need any help in that department. Aunt Rachel didn't come home and molest me while she was drunk. She came in drunk, that's true enough, but all she did was pass out in my bed. I'm the one who molested her, and then let her think that it was the other way around so that I could keep fucking her." "Jason!" Nichole couldn't believe it. "How could you do that?" "Have you met Rachel?" He chuckled uncomfortably. "Look, all I'm saying is that I was already a pervert, and I only feel comfortable in the company of perverts. So, this rigid, Super-Mom has to let the real you out, or you're out of the club. I'll just take Rachel, and we'll move to Aruba, or Jamaica." "You're not serious?" Nichole frowned. "Of course I'm not serious," Jason laughed. "I just want to smile, and be that happy, care-free person that I saw last night." "That person was drunk," Nichole told him pointedly. "Wasn't it you who told me that alcohol often brings out.
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