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I’m from Punjab and this story is a true story so don’t expect any out of the box things.This story is totally true and nothing of it is fiction.Hope you like it.This is about how I helped my friend to fuck his step-WILD-mom.This story consists of me,My friend, and her mom.My friend’s real mom passed away due to some sickness and his dad re-married soon after that.He was 4 at that time.So fast forward,his step was hot as fuck..a young pussy..She is 41 and his dad is 54,I guess. My friend didn’t really like her and always had this thing to fuck her.He shared that with me..I know it’s weird but fuck it.So he always had this fantasy to bang her and recently we fulfilled that.The past winters,it was November..We were playing FIFA at his place and his mom was at home.His dad usually stays at their general store the whole day and to be honest,he’s kind of a slob.And my friend also told me that he never heard their parents having sex.So we made a plan to fuck her.So coming to the story,We. I returned to the clinic and turned off the lights. I waited until all neighbors’ lights were off to return to Ramla’s house. The door was ajar, and I found Ramla sobbing in a corner. I could still hear Jignesh cursing in the bedroom.I just wanted to comfort her. I locked the door and sat down near her. She hugged me tightly. Her cheek had a clear red hand mark. I applied the inflammation cream I had brought along. She looked hot in her simple green sari. Her boobs pressed against my chiseled chest.She kissed me. Our tongues wrestled in hunger, tasting each other’s spit while my hands were busy squeezing her sweet ass. When we separated, I had filled her mouth with both our spit. She pulled down my boxers and spat on my cock. It was rock hard, and it throbbed as she took it all in.She took her time enjoying my juicy cock and balls. I gave her full control. She liked it and soon was swallowing my whole cock. She laid me back and started stripping so did I. Soon, she was nude with just.
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