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” Amit amake chair theke uthiye bedroome niye gelo aar ghorer sab jalna aar dorza baodo kore dilo. Tarpor amar bag theke duto saree bar kore bichanate emon bhave patlo je bichanar du dike saree khaink ta kore kotke raoyilo. Ami amitr sab karbar dekhe abol houe gachilam aar sara ratrer kotha bhavte bhavte garam hochchillam. Jakhon amitr sab kichu guchono hoye gelo takhon amit amake bollo, “khuku. Ayey, tokay chumu khetey khetey puro puri nangto koray dee.” aei bole amit amar sara mukhe, pithe chumu khete laglo. Chumu khete khete amit amar pacha tipte laglo. Amio amit ke chumu khete laglam aar tar pacha tipte laglam. Amit khanik pore amar mukhta khule amar mukhe nijer jeev dhukiye dilo aar amar jeev ta chuste laglo. Amit dhire dhire amar kandhe chumu khete khete aro nicher dike nablo. Kintu amar t-shirt ta oke badha dilo. Amit aste kore bollo, “t-shirt ta khue phele de” aar aste kore amar t-shirt ta khule phele dilo. T-shirt ta khule diye amit amar komor joriye dhorlo aar amar mayeer. When I called around I instantly found out it was, Dave hadn't changed much he made me a drink and we stood and talked a bit about the passed, Dave mentioned he'd divorced his wife and asked if I was married, I answered, well to be perfectly honest Dave I bat for the other team, Dave replied that he wasn't surprised as he thought there was something amiss when we use to work together, in what way I asked him. He mentioned one incident when we were fishing a internal cable down a wall, we were working in very close proximity and he felt that I'd rubbed my cock up against his hand. I admitted I'd always done stuff like that, he laughed and replied I fucking thought so, I then went on to tell him I'd had a crush on him, he came back with well to be perfectly honest to you if you'd made a move I would have, seriously I said, yep seriously he replied. Dave said he would of made a move but he thought I was to young.Dave started to touch his cock as we spoke more he asked me if i still had.
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