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She was right. Every eye was on her, not just at this table, but the entire room.Donatien stood up and looked around."Our newest member," he said to the room, "already learning the delights offered here."He lifted his glass to Holly."We welcome Doctor Holly Jackson into our midst. To Holly!" he said."To Holly," the crowd replied.Donatien looked down at Holly."I want you in my bed tonight. Do you agree?"Holly felt her heart skip a beat. God, was John in the room? Was he hearing this? Donatien was so sexy, but he scared her too.Holly lowered her head, knowing her answer."I am a slave," she said. "I have no Mercy: I have given it to Marnie. It is her choice, not mine."Holly was surprised at the whispers in the room. She hoped she had not broken some rule.Donatien, however, laughed and turned back ot the crowd."Her first party and she is not only a slave, but has given Proxy to another."Someone began to clap and then applause filled the room.Holly hung her head, more embarrassed by this. ?Aerial, you are now ready to finish your training. You must prepare yourselffor the journey to my home as well as your mind and body for our first meeting.? Hereyes drank in the words with anticipation. ?Now, your journey begins Friday night. You have only one day to get everythingin order. My driver will pick you up and take you to the airport where youwill be taken to my private jet. Now before reading any further, you will stripnaked, and pile your clothes in a neat pile. Your panties you will place ontop of the pile.? Aerial nervously stood up from her computer, and with trembling fingers beganto strip. She told herself it was crazy to feel so nervous. She was after all,alone in her apartment. And she had to strip every time she read her Master'semails. But somehow this time it was different. She felt as if she was beingwatched. Aerial stood in her bra and panties, looking around to make sure shewas alone, and then unhooked her bra. Her perfect breasts sprang free as shelet it.
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