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It was the summer before my senior year in high school, as I laid out in there pool in bike shorts after a vigorous work out. I lathered some oil on me, and stole some beer from fridge and basically passed out on the float. I began having this naughty dream about my aunt sucking my cock, and it felt so real. When I came to I realized I was still on the float in the pool and my cock was being sucked. It felt wonderful. As I put my sunglasses on to see through the sun, I looked down and it was my uncle of all people. He'd pulled my shorts far enough down to expose my 8.5 inch young cock. He was totally nude and stroking his small cock under the water as he did this. I wanted to protest, because I wasn't gay, but it felt so good. My uncle was short, chubby, smooth and tan. He was actually shorter than my aunt, and even when I was several years younger I could take him in basketball or a wrestling match. So I guess I didn't feel threatened physically but just emotionally. Not only was. On the second day, we were at the pool when a husband and wife came into the pool area who caught our eyes (and everyone else’s for that matter)! They were attractive, late 30’s to early 40’s, outgoing, incredible bodies... We didn’t talk to them at the time, but we took note of them. After a few hours at the pool we went back to the room for an afternoon siesta - we are in Mexico after all! During the love making that accompanied the siesta, in a moment of passion and horniness, I told her that I was ready to watch her suck another man’s cock. We had both talked about this fantasy previously, but his was the first time that it could actually happen. She simply said, “ Let’s see if we can make that happen”. She also included though, “I get to watch you doing something also”. I guess we had our marching orders so we were ready to get showered and head to dinner to see what the night brought...My wife has a thin, athletic build, and with still perky 36C boobs has no problem attracting.
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