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When the door opened and the stairs went down, Dad and Jake were there. The pilots handed the suitcases and all the boxes out as we stacked them on baggage carts, including the box that held the Mason jar.We pushed and pulled the carts into the pilot's office and into the vault. In the back of the vault were three new gun safes. I had decided that some of the special things needed to be hidden away from possible prying eyes a little better. They were the biggest gun safes I could buy, designed to hold 64 long guns and plenty of ammo.I thought Jake and Dad were going to have a heart attack when the first suitcase opened. Each time a new suitcase was opened Dad just shook his head and mumbled something. By the time I had finished stacking the $96 million in the gun safe it was full. The prince had been planning one massive expansion in terror activity.The next thing was to remove the drones from the boxes. I wanted to remove all the batteries out of the vault because they were made out. And when he looked down at himself, he let out aneven louder gasp."NO WAY," Matt blurted out at the sight of two round globes pushing outfrom his chest. And more than that, he immediately recognized the shirtthat Luke's mom had been wearing. His eyes darted over the rest of hisbody, seeing that he not only had on her clothes... but that they allfit perfectly.Matt jumped to his feet, still staring down at his body... or at leastthe body he was in since it was obviously not his own. He felt hisheart jump as he grabbed for his chest, feeling that they were indeed apart of him. Then his hands went down to his waist... and even thespot between his legs. There was absolutely no doubt in his mind thathe had somehow turned into Luke's mom."That spell," Matt gasped in realization. "The possession spell didn'tmean that it would make a person into my possession and that they woulddo whatever I wanted... It meant that I actually would possess them..."Matt shook his head in stunned.
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