Which was at the equator level inside the Sphere walls. It was 76,000 meters long and if you were so inclined to walk the seventy six kilometers, you could walk all around this enormous structure.This 600 meter wide corridor had a gleamning, polished floor made of white granite. The ceiling was 200 meters above.This corridor and millions of offices, conference rooms, cantines, bath rooms and utility rooms sandwiched between the outer sphere wall and the actual Inner sphere all the way up to the apex and the nadir of the Assembly Sphere.Here in this corridor new member species could set up displays to showcase their cultures. Very often cultures decided to introduce themselves to others with their traditional foods, music and art. The Sphere corridor was also called the Concourse with food courts, restrooms, info kiosks and little shops selling things representatives to the Assembly of the Union liked to consume or have.Today, like during every Union Week celebration, the usually. "What would you say if I told you I was, Sean? Would you be happy? Or would it upset you?"I felt like my head was going to explode. "Is it mine?" I croaked.I heard her sigh on the other end of the line. "I'm going to make your day, Sean, and maybe even give Kristina Mendoza a little gift in the process." I could hear her take a big breath before continuing. "There is no baby. I'm not pregnant. I've never been pregnant. I've been on the pill since last fall. If we hadn't broken up, I was going to tell you about it at Christmastime." She took a large, hitching breath before continuing. "Do you feel better now, Sean? Do you? I wish to Christ that I did." And she hung up.I set the telephone back down gently. A great load had just been lifted from me. I feel great!Or do I? But I was too buzzed to consider that thorny question.My first thought was to call Kristina and tell her the good news. I dialed the Mendoza home, and Jorge answered."Jorge! I've got great news. Molly's not having my.
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